Editing Profile Information

Your profile information reflects everything about you and what you're looking for in a relationship!

After logging in, click on your profile photo at the top-right side of your screen. Select "Edit profile" from the dropdown menu that appears (see image below).

You'll notice several sections waiting to be filled out. To edit any of these details, simply select the desired section from the left-hand menu, and edit the fields that populate. 

Once you're done making any changes, remember to click on the red "Save Changes" button that pops up at the bottom of your screen.

Basic Info

This section contains your Username**, Headline, and Date of Birth**.
You'll also select preferences regarding what you're looking for (Gender and Age).

** After changing your username, please click outside of the "Username" field -- this is required before you're able to save  the new changes. This triggers our system to compare the new username with all existing usernames, and ensure that it's not already in-use by another member.  
•If it's already been used by someone else, you will receive an error message advising you of the issue.
•If no one else has taken the new username, you'll instead see a message stating "Good choice for a username" -- after which you'll be able to save your changes!

** Your Date of Birth can only be changed one time. If you realize that a mistake was made and you're no longer able to edit this detail, please reach out to Customer Support for assistance.
We will ask for a photo or scanned image of your valid government-issued photo ID, displaying both a clear photo (matching that of the account holder) and a clear/legible date of birth. Other personal information on the ID can be blurred/crossed out if preferred.

Personal Info

This section contains details specifically about you, including: appearance, education, occupation, relationship status, children, language, and smoking habits.


This section includes your "About Me" -- where you're free to write more about yourself -- and a detailed description of what you're seeking.

Is there anything I am prohibited from adding to my profile?

  • Duplicate Information
  • Contact Information (last name, phone number, social media usernames, email address, anything personally-identifying, etc.)
  • Links to any other websites or mobile apps (including PayPal, Venmo, etc.)
  • Requests for sex and/or sexually explicit text
  • Mention of specific monetary amounts
  • Commercial activity of any kind
  • Requests for any activity that violates our terms of use and/or the law