My payment didn't go through - what do I do?

**Unfortunately, we cannot accept American Express for non-USD payments at this time. Please contact us here, and we’ll be glad to run the card through an alternate processor.**

Please review the following information to confirm your payment details are accurate: 

•Card number
•Expiration date
•CVV code

If all information is correct, wait at least 15 minutes before re-attempting the payment. If the issue seems to persist, the next best point of contact is your card issuer -- they'll be able to troubleshoot from their end, sometimes by authorizing the next payment manually (though it will depend on your banking institution).

Please note: it's best to wait at least 15 minutes before each processing attempt!

Additionally,  you may need to use a credit card that allows international payments.  It could be helpful to authorize the following countries with your bank: United States, Hong Kong, Netherlands and Cyprus.

This is because online payments are processed through various merchants, some of which could be based in another country. While this doesn't affect your account, some banks require prior authorization before allowing such transactions to process.

This information could be helpful if troubleshooting from your banking institution is necessary.