Privacy and Safety Features

Here are some great features you can take advantage of,  in effort to maintain your privacy!

*Hiding another user*

If you decide to "Hide" another user, they will no longer be visible to you via: search, member dashboard, interests, or email notifications. 

This feature is accessible to you via the user's profile, the "Favorites/Viewed By Me" page, or the "Search" page.

From their profile, simply select the rightmost icon (represented by three dots) to see a dropdown menu, and then select "Hide Profile":

From your "Favorites" list or the "Search" page, just hover over the profile in question and you'll see the words "Hide Profile" appear in red text.

You can also "Hide" your own profile from the Account Settings page! Navigate to the "Search and Dashboard" section to toggle between "Visible" and "Hidden".

Doing this hides your profile from other users' dashboards and/or when they use the "Search" feature. Your profile would still be visible to users whom you've messaged and/or favorited.

:Note: Premium Members have additional customization options within the "Hiding" feature, for their own profile. This includes:

  • Join Date
  • Recent Login Location
  • Online Status / Last Active Date
  • When You View Someone
  • When You Favorite Someone

*Blocking another user*

Blocking  a user has all the same effects as Hiding them, but with some added restrictions. A "Blocked" user will also be unable to send you messages or view your profile. Additionally, Blocking is PERMANENT -- it cannot be reversed.

You'll notice the option to "Block" someone from the aforementioned dropdown menu on their profile -- the same menu from which you can "Hide" them.

You can also select this option straight from your messages, if you've had a conversation with the User before. 

Simply go to the message thread in question and select the gear-shaped icon at the top-right (see image below). From there, select "Block User" -- and you're all set!

Please note, once more, that blocking a member is PERMANENT and will prevent them from messaging you and viewing your profile, moving forward.

I received a suspicious email - how do I report a possible phishing scam?

Please report all suspicious emails via the reporting process provided by your email platform (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) report phishing feature within your email client and/or email website (most email websites and clients have this feature).

 If you know which member may have sent this to you, please contact Customer Support with any details you have so we can take action.

If a member has committed a violation of our terms (or the law), we urge you to report them to us so the proper investigation can be initiated. Please refer to this page for more information on the reporting process.