Profile Content - Why was mine denied?

Your profile is the platform used to showcase who you are and what you're looking for -- this is essentially your first impression!

While we do encourage users to have fun and be themselves, we must also adhere to certain  limitations regarding the content that is approved. Please see the information listed below to get a better understanding of what not to include in your public profile.

Not Allowed

Duplicate Information
-This means you cannot copy and paste the same information from one portion of your profile into another. Each section must be filled out separately.

Contact Information 
-Absolutely no outside contact information is allowed on your profile. This includes but is NOT limited to:
•Your real name
•Phone number (including Kik, WhatsApp, etc)
•Social Media usernames
•3rd party URLs / links to other websites
•Email address

Requests for sex or sexually explicit text
-Absolutely no inappropriate or sexually explicit phrasing

Specific monetary amounts
-No offering or requesting monetary amounts for any reason.

Commercial activity of any kind
-No promoting of any business activity, in any form. This includes recruiting users for any type of business or service, and/or selling a service or product.

What about photos?

Photos that violate our guidelines will be denied and may result in the suspension of your account without warning. Please be aware of these guidelines to avoid any unexpected issues.

We will DENY photos that... not include you -- such as stock and celebrity photos, or large group photos.
...include minors/children.
...are nude or sexually explicit.
...contain or depict illegal content.
...are copyrighted from any website.
...are taken from other members on Seeking.
...include social media watermarks/contact information.

You may be asked to verify your identity, following moderation of your photo(s)
If this is the case, please send us an email ( with the requested documentation attached: 

Either a photo or scanned copy of your valid government-issued photo ID, displaying a clear photo (matching that of the account holder) as well as a clear/legible name & date of birth. 

Once this is received and as long as no violations are present, we’ll be happy to reinstate your account ASAP! Please note that the attached documentation will also be removed from our systems for your security.

[::Please note::]
If you feel any content was denied by mistake, please don't hesitate to contact Customer Support and include the content in question for further review. You can submit a form here or simply email us at