Sending and Managing Messages

In addition to communicating with other users, you can manage the messages that you receive in a few different ways.

To send a message to another user:
First you'll need to visit their profile.  Look for the red "Message" button at the top-right of their screen and select it to get started!

To access your messages:
Simply select "Messages" from the toolbar at the top of your profile.

To manage your messages:
Click on and open the message thread you wish to manage. You'll notice a gear-shaped icon at the top-right -- select this to see a new dropdown menu.

From this dropdown menu, you can...
Archive the conversation
---This removes a conversation from your inbox without deleting it. 
---When restoring an Archived conversation, this option will change to "Move to Inbox".
Delete the conversation
---Deleting messages is permanent. You can only restore a deleted message immediately after deleting it, and this option is only briefly available.
Report the User
---Any User that you've reported will be automatically blocked from your profile.
Block the User
---Blocking a User cannot be reversed -- this is a permanent change. The blocked User will no longer be able to contact you or view your profile.

Certain symbols are added next to your messages to indicate certain details:
•One grey check mark or a looped arrow - indicates that your message was delivered.
•Two red check marks or a check mark next to the conversation - indicates that your message has been read.
•An orange or grey dot next to your unread messages - the dot's color indicates that the other user is either a Standard or Premium member (this is visible only when accessing the website from a regular browser).

Note: If you're a Premium member, you also have the option to refine your received messages using the following filters...

My sent messages to other members aren't being read by the recipient, or are delayed.

If messages are sent before the profile is fully approved, then there will be a delay in their delivery until the approval process is completed. This can take up to 24 hours, most commonly -- though it may be longer if we are experiencing an unusually high volume of requests. 

Unable to send or read your messages? This could be due to the type of membership you have.

•As a Successful Member, to be able to read your responses, check your inbox, and send messages, you will need to upgrade your account to a Premium Membership.

•As an Attractive Member, all you need is a fully approved profile and a public photo to start messaging.

•As an Attractive Member, you’ll need a fully completed profile in order to message without a public photo.

I'm not receiving message notifications on the mobile app!

You may have disabled push notifications on the mobile app, which will prevent new message notifications from being sent or received.

Please re-enable push notifications in “Settings” > “Notifications” to resolve the issue.